Head and Face


Head and Face Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation can be a significant threat to a welder’s eyes and face, and even minimal exposure can cause burns. Helmets, protective glasses and goggles help prevent eye injury and skin burns. Different applications require different PPE, and it is critical to choose the right equipment for the job. Miller’s complete line of head and face PPE provides welders with the best equipment – designed to protect and perform in demanding welding, cutting and grinding applications.

Statistics & Trends


Eye injuries account for approximately 25% of all injury claims by welders. 90% of eye injuries can be prevented through the use of proper protective eyewear.

$300 Million

Eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses and worker compensation.

The Talk: Terms & Definitions

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV): A form of electromagnetic radiation with shorter wavelengths that emit bright light.

Infrared Radiation (IR): A form of electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths that produce heat.

Welder's Flash or Arc Flash: A painful inflammation of the cornea caused by exposure to high-intensity  ultraviolet light, resulting in pain, sensitivity and visual impairment.

Primary Protection: A device that may be worn alone or in conjunction with a secondary protector (i.e. safety glasses), per OSHA.

Secondary Protection: A device that may be worn only in conjunction with a primary protector (i.e. welding helmet, grind shield), per OSHA.