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Cost Reduction

See how much money a standard welding system could be costing you — and how much money an ArcReach® system can save.

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ROI Calculator

ROI CalculatorInvesting in ArcReach technology can add up to big savings over time. See how much you can save with the ArcReach ROI Calculator.

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Technology Benefits

Cover from interactive guide: Don't Walk.Weld.Ideal for field operations, new XMT® 350 FieldPro™ systems with ArcReach® technology solve multiple challenges to profitable, productive, safe jobsites.

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XMT® 350 FieldPro™ Overview

See how the new XMT 350 FieldPro welder can improve your jobsite! It delivers industry-exclusive benefits that boost productivity, efficiency, weld quality and safety.

Get the Full ArcReach® Technology Benefits

Whether you already use ArcReach equipment or are considering a purchase, this video shows important tips on getting the most out of it. 

Miller® Engine-Driven Welder/
Generators with ArcReach® Technology

See how the addition of ArcReach technology to Miller engine-driven welder/generators can make your jobsite safer and more efficient.

Setting Up Your New Big Blue® Welder/
Generator with ArcReach® Technology

Quickly get your new Big Blue welder/generator up and running, and learn how to set up and use its ArcReach accessories.