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Every construction or fabrication project should be completed on time and under budget. But lack of welding productivity can threaten schedules and increase costs. That’s why Miller is ready to work with you, examining your unique needs to create a custom solution. Together, we’ll increase workforce productivity while decreasing the outsourcing, training time and rework that derail schedules and decrease profits.

XMT 650 ArcReach Systems. Get next-level productivity, cost savings and power. Learn how.
Decrease downtime on your job site. ArcReach technology benefits are ideal for field operations. Learn more.
Big Blue® Dual-Operator Machines. Ideal for busy jobsites, a single machine supports multiple welders. Watch Now.
Trailblazer® Welder/Generators. Auto-Speed™ technology and Excel™ power reduce fuel costs. Learn More.
Save Time With ArcReach® Technology. Apex Steel gained up to two hours of arc-on time per welder, per day. Learn More.
Improve your bottom line. Stop wasting an average of $11,250 per welder, per year. Calculate your savings.
Induction Heating Myths Debunked. Learn More.

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Remote Control Welding Technology Offers Benefits for Productivity Quality and Safety

Remote control technology provides welding operators with the ability to set welding parameters at the joint, increasing safety by reducing trips to and from the power source, and increasing arc-on time for greater productivity. This technology also helps improve quality by eliminating the need to settle for less-than-optimal settings.
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6 Tips to Improve Welding Productivity on Construction Jobsites

Using more efficient welding processes and technologies can help contractors complete jobs faster and compete for more bids.
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Meet the Demanding Requirements of Welding P91 Pipe With Advanced Wire Processes

Quality is critical in demanding, high-pressure applications that utilize P91 pipe. Contractors must meet stringent quality standards, while also addressing the increasing expectation that projects be completed faster — even as the welding industry faces a shortage of skilled labor. Carefully controlling heat input and choosing the right filler metals is important when welding P91 pipe. In additio...
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Accessing the Advantages of Remote Control Welding Technology

Efficiency, safety and profitability are important to any company, but especially to a welding operation. In addition to general best practices and welding operator training, there are equipment advancements that can help meet quality and production goals, while also helping keep welding operators safer on the job. Remote control welding technology is one of those advancements.
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Weld Preheating on the Jobsite Made Easier

A new induction heating tool for jobsites allows contractors to insource preheating and bake out to reduce costs and save time.
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How Can Contractors Increase Productivity in Today's Environment?

New technologies can improve efficiency as contractors work to make up lost time and win bids in the face of supply chain issues, ongoing labor challenges and lingering effects of the pandemic.
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Frequently Asked Questions About GFCI Tripping Issues on Welder/Generators

Is frequent GFCI tripping on your welder/generator causing troubleshooting headaches? Get tips to help resolve these issues.
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Walk the Line

New technology reduces the steps welders have to take at the United States’ largest private real estate development.
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5 Tips to Determine the True Cost of Field Welding

Identifying common hidden costs in your field welding operation can help keep your project on time and on budget.
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Solutions for Welding in Hard-to-Reach or Confined Spaces

Learn about technologies that help improve operator safety and comfort, productivity and weld quality when welding in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.
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What Is Arc Gouging? Get Answers to 7 Common Questions

Carbon arc gouging is often used to remove material before welding. Get some gouging tips to help improve your results.
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Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Every Day With Remote Control Technology

Structural steel contractor improves productivity and jobsite safety with Miller® ArcReach® technology.
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Avoid Voltage Drop to Improve Weld Quality on Jobsites

Voltage drop can cause poor weld quality and costly rework. Learn more about what causes voltage drop and how to prevent it.

How to Weld With T-8 Wires on the Jobsite – Tips and Tricks

Learn best practices for converting to welding with T-8 self-shielded flux-cored wire on the jobsite.

6 Tips for Code-Quality Structural Root Passes

Learn best practices for a vertical-up, full-penetration structural root pass on a groove weld with self-shielded flux- cored wire.

Wireless Interface Control: Get Total Control Where You Work

Wireless Interface Control puts total control of your Trailblazer 325 or Big Blue welder/generator in the palm of your hand.

Contractor Optimizes TIG and Stick Welding Performance

NAES Power Contractors adheres to stringent codes for boiler repair projects, so completing high-quality welds is critical.

Stop Wasting Time and Money in Field Welding Operations

ArcReach® technology minimizes time spent walking to the power source to make changes, maximizing arc-on time, quality and safety.

Save Time and Money with Miller ArcReach Remote Control Technology — Now Available on Engine Drives

Miller’s ArcReach remote control technology eliminates the need to go back to power source to make changes, which saves time and improves safety.

XMT® Multiprocess Welders: More Than 30 Years of Progress

See how XMT machines have changed to meet the needs of the people who use them in the construction and fabrication industries.

Dixie Mechanical Saves Time and Money With Miller PipeWorx

Pipe fabricator Dixie Mechanical uses the latest in welding technology to eliminate back purge on stainless steel pipe.

Eliminate Back Purge in Stainless Steel Pipe Welding

Dixie Mechanical eliminated back purge and cut welding time by more than 30% with a process change and the PipeWorx 400.

Apex Steel Improves Productivity and Jobsite Safety With ArcReach Technology

Apex Steel needs welding operators to be efficient on the jobsite, so they got Miller's ArcReach® for complete control of welding parameters.

Apex Steel Saves up to Two Hours Per Welder Per Day

Remote control welding technology from Miller helps structural steel contractor Apex Steel save time and meet quality demands.