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  Closeup comparison images of two welding arcs, one labeled ClearLightâ„¢ Lens and the other labeled ClearLightâ„¢ 2.0 Lens.  

ClearLight™ 2.0 Lens Technology 


  • Provides high-definition optics for the most realistic view that’s clearer and brighter — before, during and after every weld
  • Now available with Digital Infinity™, Digital Performance™, Digital Elite™, and T94™ Series welding helmets

September 2022


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  mage showing the three components of the Hercules welding system including power source, welding gun and filler metal  

Hercules™ Welding System


  • Single-wire, high-deposition, automated MIG welding system 
  • Significantly boosts productivity rates without the expense of adding more weld cells
  • Up to 30% more deposition rate and corresponding productivity gains  
  • In many cases, doesn’t require all-new welding automation, allowing operations to use equipment already in place.

August 2022


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  Product image of the T94iH-R Hard Hat PAPR with Blower Assembly  

Hard Hat PAPR with T94iH-R™


  • MSA V-Gard® Hard Hat Cap provides a unique profile with a V design to deflect objects and provide added protection in the event of impact
  • Lift-t-talk head assembly improves communication, allowing operator to have access to face without removal of the head assembly
  • ClearLight™ 2.0 lens technology provides advanced high-definition optics for the most realistic view that’s clearer and brighter — before, during and after every weld
  • HDV Technology — found in the one-piece cover lens and grinding shield — provides a high-definition view at any angle with minimal distortion
  • Gen. 2 blower assembly features three air speeds and an LCD display, which allows users to see fan speed, filter timer, battery level and current time 

August 2022


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Reimagined Dynasty® TIG Welder


  • Simple setup allows for easy navigation through an informative color LCD display.
  • Display features dynamic on-screen images showing how parameter adjustments will affect the weld.
  • Increased access to the machine's full capabilities means shops can take on more complex projects, maximizing revenue opportunities.

July 2022


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Millermatic® 355 MIG Welder


  • Provides MIG and pulsed MIG capabilities for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel in thicknesses from 22 gauge to 1/2 inch.
  • Operates on single-phase or three-phase AC power — so it works anywhere operators need it to.
  • Offers high amperage output and a long duty cycle, so operators can make longer welds without stopping.
  • Industrial, four-drive-roll, wire-feed system ensures consistent delivery of all wire types and diameters at all speeds. Also compatible with push-pull guns, for smooth feeding of aluminum wire.

May 2022


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 CabEn Climate Pak  

CabEn™ Climate Solutions


  • The only fully integrated cab heating and cooling systems on the market, CabEn™ Climate Solutions provide all-day relief from the outside environment while the truck is turned off.
  • Controlling cab temperatures without idling the truck engine saves up to $11,000 every year on fuel, maintenance, repairs and downtime.
  • CabEn Climate Solutions utilize many existing truck HVAC components and controls, so the truck doesn’t require major modifications or additional components that take up room. 

April 2022


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AugmentedArc® Systems


  • Miller collaboration with NCCER will offer exercises for NCCER Welding Levels 1-2 with Miller® AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding Systems, version 2.2.0.
  • In addition to the five coupons already included with the AugmentedArc system, there are two new coupons available — V-groove with backing and V-groove without backing — that also correlate with the added exercises.

February 2022


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New Face Shield PAPR 


  • Get all-day comfort. An exclusive patent-pending Dualtec™ manifold system with six adjustable air vents and dual speeds allows users to customize their airflow and helps reduce dry eyes and nose.
  • Improve productivity. A lightweight, low-profile breathing tube attachment is positioned at the bottom of the neck instead of the top of the head, staying flat against the user’s back for unrestricted movement.
  • Enhance visibility with High Definition View (HDV) technology, which provides users with a sharp, detailed view at any angle without distortion.

February 2022


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New MobileArc™ 


  • Easy-to-use welding simulation tool that provides a hands-on augmented reality experience.
  • Highly portable, lightweight design that is easy to transport for remote learning and recruiting events.
  • Easy setup and simple user interface allow students to work independently, increasing instructor efficiency.
  • Provides real-time feedback on user technique to help correct errors, reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to live arc welding. 

September 2021


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